View our exciting World Belly Dance Festival performances below!

2018 - Best ever, amazing double-fan veil performance ever seen - Bellydance Extraordinaire Singapor
2018 - A most captivating bellydance performance by Jamila, Singapore’s finest belly dance artiste!
2018 Extravaganza Show - Beautiful performance by David Abraham in Singapore!
2018 - Engaging and Playful duet performance by Jamila and David!
2018 = Elegant Contemporary dance by Singapore’s best young dancer, Jacqueline, Bellydance Extraordi
2018 - Amazing HipHop dance by Singapore’s best young dancing star, Jacqueline, Bellydance Extraordi
2018 Extravaganza Show Singapore-David Abraham’s best Drum Solo dan
2018 - Most touching and amazing Chinese-fusion dance ever seen, by Bellydance Extraordinaire Star T
2018 Extravaganza Show - One Beat, One Movement by Bellydance Extraordinaire Star Troupe!
2018 Extravaganza Show, A romantic masterpiece by David Abraham in S'pore
2018 = The most unique and amazing Children’s LED Wings Dance by Bellydance Extraordinaire!
2018 - Beautiful, melodious duet song performance by Bellydance Extraordinaire!
2018 - David Abraham’s engaging shaabi dance - the audience LOVE it!
2018 - Fantastic Grand Finale dance for the 2018 Extravaganza Charity Show by Bellydance Extraordina
2018 - 夜来香 - Beautiful, elegant song and dance performance by Bellydance Extraordinaire!
2018 - “一生所爱” The most touching and emotive performance by Bellydance Extraordinaire Instructor Kath
2018 - Beautiful Saidi cane performance by Jamila, Singapore’s leading belly dance artiste!
2015- Romeo and Juliet by Jamila
2015 - Professional Troupe Category Champions, Bellydance Extraordinaire
2015 - Incredible Performance by Egyptian Master Khaled Mahmoud!



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